Online Electives

The department encourages students of all programmes to credit online courses from NPTEL and this acts as good supplement in addition to in-house courses. Further, these online courses make the students aware of scientific and technological developments in the field of Computer Science and Engineering. Some of the popularly credited courses are

Theory Track

  • The Joy of Computing using Python
  • Programming, data structures and algorithms using Python

Data Science Track

  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Social Networks
  • Artificial Intelligence Search Methods for problem Solving
  • Deep Learning

System Track

  • Embedded Systems-- Design Verification and Test
  • Hardware Modeling using Verilog
  • Introduction to Internet of Things
  • Computer Networks and Internet Protocol

As part of Free elective, students are encouraged to credit the following courses and any other liberal arts course of their choice

  • Technical english for engineers
  • English Language for Competitive Exams
  • Introduction to cultural studies