Research @ CSE

The department offers a research programme leading to Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in the following areas.

Research AreaFaculty Associated with
Knowledge Engineering and Data Mining Dr B.Sivaselvan
Image processing, Biometrics, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Prof.Bansidhar Majhi, Dr Umarani.J, Dr V.Masilamani
High Performance Architectures, VLSI Design, High Speed Networks Dr Noor Mahammad
Wireless Sensor Networks, Robotics Dr Jagadeesh K, Dr Munesh Singh
Graph Theory and Data Structures Algorithms Dr N Sadagopan

The department invites applications for full-time Ph.D programme twice a year (Jan and July Sessions). Ph.D programme consists of course work (4 courses), comprehensive viva (qualifier) and research contribution in one's specific area of interest.

Selection Process: The department conducts a written test and an interview to eligible candidates.

Evaluation: If a student opts for the optional subject, then his/her performance will be assessed against 5 subjects, otherwise 4 subjects.

Note: One optional subject related to the research area.


Discrete Mathematics Logic, Sets, Relations, Functions
Data Structures and Algorithms Arrays, Trees, Heaps, Searching and Sorting
Computer OrganizationFixed point and floating point representation, Binary Arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), Cache memory
C programmingInput/Output statements, Selection (IF/Switch Case) and Repetition Statements (For/While loop).

Complete Syllabus for Ph.D Entrance Examination
Sample Paper I
Sample Paper II