Our Alumni

The first batch of Computer Science and Engineering graduated in the year 2013. Ever since 2013, our alumni are doing exceptionally well in corporates and many of our alumni are pursuing M.Tech/MS/PhD in leading academia and research institutes of international repute.

Alumni at International Universities

Student NameGraduating YearCurrent Position
B.Illambharathi2013 MS at Columbia, currently at Yahoo Labs
R.Niveditha 2013MS at Georgia Tech, currently at Facebook
Surabhi Jain 2013MS at Ohio State, currently at Intel Inc
Suganth Krishna 2013MS at Univ of California, San Diego
Ramesh Krishnan 2014Direct Ph.D at Pen State, currently at Boston University
Anand Vijayaraghavan 2014MS at North Carolina State University
Varun Chandra 2014MS-Ph.D at Arizona State University
Gireesh S 2014MS at Arizona State University, currently at Amazon
Sowmya Jain 2014MS at Univ of California, Irvine, currently at Facebook
Noone Sowmya 2014MS at University of Connecticut
Manogana V2015MS at Arizona State University, currently at Yahoo
Madhu Illuri 2015MS at Arizona State University
Siddarth Agarwal 2015MS at Univ of California, San Diego
Krishna Mohan Reddy2015MS at Arizona, currently at Facebook
Iniyai T 2016MS at University of Souther California
Harikrishna M 2016MS at North Carolina State University
Avinash G 2016MS at Univ california, Losangles
Shubham K Singh 2016MS at International Business, Maastricht University, Netherlands
Hari Krishna 2016Arizona State University
Sai Hemanth Gantasala 2016MS at Arizona State University
Neeraj 2017University of Amsterdam
Avinash Ranganathan2017EMS European Management School
Sai Teja2017Masters at Sweden
Ashiq 2017Cambridge
Dhayalan 2017University of Amsterdam
Shantanu K 2017University of Colorado Boulder
Seshu 2017UT Dallas
Seshuram S2017MS at Univ of Texas, Dallas
Vijay Sri L 2017MS at Georgia Tech
Dileep Vemula2018MS at Australian National University
Dakshaja Uppalapati2018Emertxe
Nara Ashok Chakravarthy2018MS at Australian National University
Edwin Murari 2018MS at University of Melbourne
Anuhya K 2018MS at UNCC
Vignesh Sairaj2018MS at University of Souther California, currently at Apple Inc
P Kowsika2019Ohio State, MS
Shiv Vidhyut2019Columbia University, Newyork, MS
Shreya Suresh2019University of Maryland, MS
Aishwarya R2019University of Massachusetts, MS
KS Ranjth Raj 2019Australian National University, MS
Prashanth Reddy2019University of Davis, MS